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Pool Rules and Regulations

  1. Individual guests can only visit the swimming pool with a valid ticket during public opening hours. Groups can enter at times and with number of guests marked in the operating plan. Wellness island services can be used with supplementary tickets and for additional fee. For free parking in the parking lot of the swimming pool receipt given at the ticket counter should be kept.
  2. Ticket prices, applicable type and rate of discounts in case of the swimming pool and the Wellness island are included in the price regulations currently in force and provided by the UV Zrt, in case of services related to other than entry tickets, applicable type and rate of discounts are provided by the service provider tenant.
  3. Pools and services can only be used at your own risk.
  4. Only potty-trained children can use the pool (except baby swimming, in which case activity must be permitted by the National Public Health Service.)
  5. Wheelchair users must leave their wheelchair in the storage inside the building for the duration of their stay and use the wheelchair provided by the pool for indoor use only to maintain the hygiene of the swimming pool.
  6. Visitors with fever, contagious disease, gastro-enteric and dermatological problem or with any kind of disorder resulting in spasm, unconsciousness cannot use the pools.
  7. Drunk, intoxicated person is not allowed in the swimming pool – staff must refuse all types of services.
  8. Visitors are only allowed inside the pool during official opening hours.
  9. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult (parent or teacher).
  10. Group leaders/ teachers take over the group changing rooms upon arrival and before leaving hand it back to the pool representative who checks the condition of the furnishing and equipment.
  11. Swimming pool operator can claim compensation for damages to furnishing or equipment of the pool caused by visitor intentionally or by negligence.
  12. Surcharge - stated in the price list – should be paid upon loss or damage of rented items, including wristband.
  13. Proper swim attire and slippers are required around the pools and in the Wellness island; swimming cap must be worn in the learner pool and in the swimming pool.
    Beach shorts and other clothes not specially designed for pool wear should not be worn in order to prevent accidents.
  14. Sauna should be used in swimwear and barefooted (slippers have to be left outside), with the visitor’s own towel or with sauna sheet

  15. Ticket counter closes an hour prior to the closing of the pool. Pools should be left 15 minutes before official closing time.
  16. Operating hours can be changed by the pool management if appropriate (power cut, water shortage etc.).
  17. Daily ticket is only valid for the day of purchase and for the services it was originally bought for at the ticket counter. Ticket can only be used where it was purchased.
  18. Swimming pool staff (except cashier) may not accept any money in order to sell ticket.
  19. At the ticket counter Customer comments book is at visitors’ disposal.
  20. The management of the swimming pool is not responsible for any personal items left unattended or unsecured in the corridors or open areas and possessions left  in lockers handled by visitors.
  21. Lost and found items should be registered in the “Lost and found book” (can be found at the pool manager) and handed over to the manager.
  22. Lifeguards and pool manager have the authority to enforce pool rules and regulations necessary to keep swimmers safe.
  23. Please obey all lifeguard instructions; failure to do so may result in visitor being asked to leave.
  24. In order to comply with the regulations staff responsible has the right to ask for the help of a legally authorized representative.



  • litter in changing rooms, rest area and in the pools
  • drink alcohol in changing rooms, rest area and in the pools
  • enter the pools without taking a shower in advance
  • eat,  jump or shout in the pool
    use starting blocks for any purpose other than for competitive swimming
  • take glass, fins, masks, snorkels into do pool or any other items which might cause injury or accidents 
  • use balls in public hours
  • block pool stairs
  • take slippers, newspapers, magazines into the  sauna
  • use the changing room or the washroom of the other gender
  • take animals into the building
  • hang on, jump off, damage the lane lines
  • swim across, disturb others
  • smoke on the whole territory of the swimming pool
  • run around the pool
  • enter the pool area in street shoes
  • behave inappropriately, ignore public morality
  • enter the spectators' terrace and the sunbathing area without being accompanied by an adult if visitor is under 14
  • climb the rails


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Pool Rules and Regulations
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