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I am pleased to welcome you on the website of Halassy Olivér Sports Centre – Community Swimming Pool.

The priority of Újpest Municipality is to assure all necessary conditions for the coming generation’s sporty, healthy upbringing. This modern facility using renewable energy - was built in Káposztásmegyer within the confines of the „Hajrá Újpest! Városfejlesztési Program” (urban development program) - is also in line with taking such responsibility. At the same time the symbol of the swimming pool was created by the mutual involvement of the Újpest community therefore it is of great value to the city. The choice of name is not a coincidence either: the name Halassy is an emblem; not only with his achievements in sports but also with his personal greatness he surpasses us and is an exemplar to every one of us. Enjoy your time at Halassy Olivér Sports Centre – Community Swimming Pool that can contribute to our physical well-being and the success of our children.

Wintermantel Zsolt
Mayor of Újpest


Facts and interesting information

Halassy Oliver Community Swimming Pool Complex is on 2,139 square metres. There is a three-floor swimming pool - recreation centre in which you can find a FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation - International Swimming Federation) approved 275 square metre pool and also a wellness unit which is suitable for recreation satisfying the demand of sportsmen and visitors.

The complex with its 1,165 square metres is sitting on a 2,139 square metre lot.


The depth of the larger pool reaches 1.8 metres on one side. The water temperature in the swimming pool is 27 °C (80.6 °F), in the learner pool is 30 °C (86 °F) and 36 °C (96.8°F) in the whirlpool. The most up-to-date water cleaning systems and filter pumps had been installed.


Ticket Prices
  Type General Újpest resident***  
  Adult 1 760 Ft 1 500 Ft  
  Student, senior citizens* 1 000 Ft 850 Ft  
  Children** 800 Ft 680 Ft  
  Sauna, wellness
supplementary ticket
500 Ft 425 Ft  
  Adults 10 sessions 15 840 Ft 13 500 Ft  
  Adults for 45 sessions 70 400 Ft 60 000 Ft  
  Seniors, students 10 sessions* 9 000 Ft 7 650 Ft  
  Seniors, students 45 sessions* 40 000 Ft 34 000 Ft  
  Children 10 sessions** 7 200 Ft 6 120 Ft  
  Children 45 sessions** 32 000 Ft 27 200 Ft  
  Sauna or wellness supplementary ticket
10 sessions
4 500 Ft 3 825 Ft  
  Sauna or wellness supplement ticket
45 sessions
20 000 Ft

17 000 Ft


* with Student/Pensioner Card

** children under 7 (not in school yet)

*** with visitor's own home address ID


8 and 10 session passes can be purchased at the ticket counter. Escort ticket costs 100 Ft/ session. Compulsory upon entry. 

Bank card and SZÉP-kártya are accepted.



Opening hours

Monday to Friday 6:00 am – 8:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Sunday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm



Address: H-1048 Budapest, Tóth Aladár utca 16-18.

Telephone: +36 1 696 1641



Gettinng here by public:

bus 20E  (from terminus Keleti pályaudvar M) - stop Óceánárok utca / Hajló utca

bus 126A, 126  / stop Gimnázium

tram 14 (from terminus Lehel tér M or stop Újpest–Központ M) / stop Óceánárok utca

underground line M3 / terminus Újpest–Központ M, from here by trams 14

Detailed timetables are on the website of BKK »


Az uszoda

Bank cards and SZÉP-kártya are accepted.

Oliver Halassy

Az 1932. évi, Los Angelesben megrendezett X. nyári olimpia aranyérmes magyar vízilabda csapata (balról jobbra): Ivády Sándor, Bródy György, Vértesy (Vrábel) József, Németh János, Homonnai (Hlavacsek) Márton, Keserű Alajos, Halassy Olivér


The community pool bears the name of vitéz Oliver Halassy, a Hungarian water polo player, Olympic and European champion, freestyle swimmer European champion. The exceptional sportsman excelled not only with his victories in sports but also with his persistence and love of sports.

Due to a childhood tram accident his leg was amputated but it did not stop him achieving the best results in both water polo and in swimming therefore the name Halassy is an emblem – with his personal greatness he surpasses us.

He was born on 31 July 1909 in Újpest. He was a member of the gold medal winning team of the European championship in Paris (1931), in Magdeburg  (1934) and in London (1938).
He also played in the water polo team which came second in the Olympics in Ams